“There is no doubt we are going through some trying and unprecedented times in our community. I chose to run for Ward 1 Councilor to be a voice for our children, families, and seniors. My goal is to make sure our community is clean, safe, and united.”

MY BACKGROUND – Growing up in the County of Strathcona has been a blessing for me and my family. I’ve spent my life here in the county and since 2009 Sherwood Park has been my home. I am married with a daughter and stepson.

My real estate career spans 20 years with the same Company, and same Brokerage – Royal LePage. As such I would bring stability, ingenuity, creativity, and a voice of common sense, and a fair approach to the council chambers and in representing my constituents. I am a member in good standing with the Realtors Association and sat on the Member Services Committee for the Realtors Association of Edmonton. I also Co-Chaired the Realtors Community Foundation and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the less fortunate. In my tenure as a Realtor, I have won awards consistently every year as a top achiever.

I care deeply about our community and want to represent the constituents of Ward 1 to the best of my ability. I will serve fairly and do the research necessary to make proper decisions using common sense to achieve positive results. I’m not the type to stay the course on bad decisions and I will admit my mistakes. If elected, I would be honoured to serve our great community!

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors, I play the drums in a band, and love music, campfires, camping and classic cars.


“This pandemic continues to have a great impact on every member of our community, including essential services and small business. These challenging times create new opportunities to learn from our mistakes.”

1. Decrease Or Freeze Property Taxes  

Decrease or freeze property taxes until the pandemic ends, providing some financial relief to people of our community.

2. Propose 30% County Council Pay Cut

Make a motion to reduce County Council pay by 30% until all covid restrictions are lifted.

3. Development Process Audit

Audit current development process to ensure full transparency and efficiency.

4. Improve County Resource Allocation

Explore operational efficiencies that focus on improving the use and distribution of county resources. 


“With your help, I believe we can bring a new voice to County Council to advocate on your behalf.”


VOLUNTEER – If you are interested in supporting my campaign for Ward 1 Councilor, you can get in touch with us to volunteer your time, knock on doors, or request a yard sign. All help is greatly welcomed.

MAKE A DONATION – Please note that the maximum amount an eligible voter can contribute to a campaign is $5000. Donations can be sent to

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